I've Got a Name

The impact of sex trafficking on our youth is real. Research indicates at least 200 girls are sold in Lincoln each month!

Connect to Protect will be the first-ever conference to specifically address sex trafficking in Lincoln. Topics will include parent alertness, the impact of social media, traffickers’ grooming process and ending the demand.

We're calling on every business in Lincoln to take a stand against sex trafficking in our community and sponsor this life-saving conference!

Questions? Email paul@ivegotaname.org.


are you concerned for yourself or someone you know?

If this is an emergency, call 911 or the Nebraska Human Trafficking Hotline at 833-757-5665 (833- PLS-LOOK), which can be reached 24 hours a day.

If this is NOT an emergency and is about you or someone you know, please contact us. We are here for you – whenever you are ready.

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Take Her by the Hand

3-hour training Sign-up

Saturday, March 7, 2020 • 9AM-12PM
Cornhusker Bank • 8310 O Street Lincoln, NE