Whether a man is in Cambodia or Nepal, whether a man is in Nebraska or Las Vegas, there are millions of men that have failed to uphold women as a valued counterpart in life.  What is scary in today’s world is that, not only have a very large chunk of men failed to value women, but millions of them have gone to the point of devastating women’s lives. Men in Africa, Amsterdam, Houston, and New York City are crossing the line without any love or care for women and stripping them of dignity and humanity. Handing money over to their pimp or handler so that they may have an hour’s worth of time to pleasure themselves in purchased sex.  Each and every hour paid for is another hour spent diminishing a female’s womanhood and humanity.  And little do these men know or care, all the while these women endure the same after effects of being raped.  How is man supposed to be standing side by side women, as they were created to be, if man treats women with so much evil that women have no choice but to mask the sale of their body sold and raped with hard drugs?


This may have been a harsh start to this blog, but it is important to remember is that there are men all over this world that have done their part in standing side by side the women and treating them as having dignity and images of God. Millions and millions of men across the globe that see their mothers, sisters, family, and friends as beings of immense worth and joy through relationship and friendship.  Millions of men that have taken a woman’s hand in marriage and vowed to stand by her side through all of life’s challenges. Millions of men that have never given money to a pimp so that they may spend an hour foolishly thinking that their actions are causing no harm.


To end, I set a call, which includes myself, to all the men of this world that treat women with respect: It is time to no longer stand by as millions of women in the world are treated as objects and sold for meaningless pleasure.  For men to care and love for their wives, sisters, mothers or daughters is a fulfillment of their duty. But there is further action to take! Even if we do not know of someone sexually exploited, each of us can take a stand by teaching the men in our lives that buying girls for sex is wrong. There is a positive and thriving effect of men teaching other males of all ages that sexual exploitation of women is harming our world. One by one, we can change the hearts of males across the world so that they view women as equal worth. This means choosing to no longer visit the strip club, choosing to no longer watch pornography, choosing to no longer look down upon women that are in prostitution as objects of no other worth.


For men that take up this call—it will not be easy. It will be against what society believes. It will insight opposing anger towards you. It will set you apart drastically… but this is not to give worry. The souls of each girl sold for sex and the souls of each man buying another human being for sex are far too precious to not be fought for. This is a crisis that needs men that take the action of abolition, of redeeming masculinity, of fortifying the respect of women.




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