Each time I’ve Got A Name has a speaking engagement the conversation covers many aspects of the evil that is being faced. While speaking, we cover definitions of what sex trafficking is, where and how often it is happening and also specific stories from women who have had their lives saved, changed and no longer live in sexual slavery. But one topic on trafficking that does arise is, “What about the demand side?” “What is being done about those who purchase sex trafficked girls?” Well, first off, the customers are mostly male and those sold are mostly female.  So if we focus on the question, “Who buys girls for sex?” because of the statistics we can confidently, yet sadly say, “males”.  At I’ve Got A Name we often say that sex trafficking is a, “man issue”.  It’s a man issue because if men stopped giving money to pimps or “Johns” to have sex with “their girls” then sex trafficking would be a small or non-existing issue. If the demand is taken away, the evil loses its power.


The recent study from Creighton University gives us answers. 900 individuals for sale for sex on backpage.com per thirty day period in Nebraska. 200 individuals for sale for sex on backpage.com per thirty day period in the Lincoln area. The report also gives the average cost of an hour with a girl is $210 per hour. So we know from the report that mostly men are buying girls for sex at a high rate each month, but also that men are paying a higher amount. This creates an even more narrowed down answer to what kind of male is affording the purchase of sex. So we know how often, where, and who is buying girls for sex, but do we know why? There is an ancient and insidious evil that is still at work here. An evil that seems to have more than ever made its infectious home amongst so many twisted and broken male minds. This evil is simply named, “Lust”.


Lust is one of the “Seven Deadly Sins”. It’s an original. It’s a classic. It’s experienced. Lust knows exactly how to adapt to each modern day. Lust is able to enter one’s mind and burrow deep inside. It infects the mind, one’s desires and is then revealed in one’s actions. When we examine the actions of a sex trafficking customer, it is clear and obvious that lust has made a home in that individual’s mind. Every individual customer has their own specific story as to how or why they got to the point of buying another individual for sex, but the end result is all the same.  Lust infected the mind, changed their hungers, and then changed their actions. And what is left is a girl or woman that have been devalued from a human, soul, and child of God and treated as an object.  But sex trafficking is not the only issue that should be focused on. The “demand side” consisting of mostly males also includes the demand for prostitution, strip clubs, and pornography. Each of these issues is fueled by the same thing, lust. Research done by Covenant Eyes shows, “From 2001 to 2007, Internet porn went from a $1-billion-a-year industry to $3-billion-a-year in the U.S.” And even more alarming, “Free websites comprise between 70-80% of the adult material online, typically used as “bait” for pay websites, guiding viewers to premium pay services.” So there is also a “bait” situation. Free pornographic websites that offer millions of videos and sexual content. Once one is hooked by the free content your hungers may change, so you start purchasing the more intense pornography. Then where does one take their hungers? There is no doubt that the next step is paying a pimp $210 and hour for sex with a person.


I’ve Got A Name fights sex trafficking, but in order to take on the large task of fighting the demand side, it requires grouping sex trafficking, prostitution, strip clubs, pornography and any form of lust together. If sex trafficking were eliminated, pornography and strip clubs would still be causing devastating pain in our state, in our cities and in our homes. We believe that each girl sold for sex is not an object and each has a specific name. They are a created soul, loved by God. We also believe that each purchaser of any form of sex also has a name. And God also loves each involved in the demand side. Christ is waiting for each girl to be saved from sexual slavery and for each man to be saved from lustful slavery.


Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul.” -1 Peter 2:11

This is a war against the soul. I’ve Got A Name is here to fight this war.

Michael Kander

I’ve Got A Name


Download the Creighton University study on sex trafficking in Nebraska here:


Download Covenant Eyes Study on pornography here:




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