SEX TRAFFICKING: It’s here, where we live.

Victims of sex trafficking are among the most traumatized group of people within our society and their needs are highly complex.

We often associate sex trafficking as a problem in a foreign country. The harsh reality is it exists where we live.

We are committed to eradicate sex slavery through awareness, prayer and support those who have proven their effectiveness to directly influence change in the lives of those who suffer.


Sex trafficking is a topic most people don’t want to discuss. It’s uncomfortable and difficult to understand. Once we understand the truth and reality behind it, we will begin to effectively end the demand and its supply.


We know where to turn for strength when we seek answers and face challenges, as well as moments of gratitude and rejoicing!


We raise funds to support those who have proven their effectiveness, working directly to impact life-change for those vulnerable or victimized by sex trafficking. We stay engaged with those who support us through prayer, involvement and financial support.

Sex Trafficking in Nebraska

There is “a flourishing sex trade in Nebraska”

Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking

Girls in Nebraska suffer every day. They live in our cities, our communities and our neighborhoods. We need to protect and rescue them.

  • The I-80/I-29 Interstate corridor coupled with Internet advertising makes Nebraska vulnerable to trafficking.
  • More than 600 Nebraska human services providers say they’ve identified sex trafficking victims younger then 17.
  • Our Street Outreach Director helped 120 girls in the Lincoln area in 2015, 80 of them victims of exploitation or sex trafficking.

A study of the website Backpage identified over 1500 advertisements for over 300 women for sale in the Lincoln area with 17 identified as possible minors. Contact numbers listed were from 61 area codes in 29 states.

Prostitution is not a Profession – It’s Modern Day Slavery

There is a misconception that prostitution is a profession. While it may appear the victim is willingly engaging, behind the scenes is a violent pimp, a nightly quota, a drug addiction, or the need to just survive.

We believe deep down in every girl’s soul- no one wants to be SOLD

The same God that made the oceans, the splendor of the heavens, the beauty of a mountain range, that paints the sunsets, thought about it, and one day decided: I want to make YOU. So He did. He created a masterpiece-something far greater then anything else He had created. Something-He wanted to display for others to see as a trophy of His love and His grace.

But he didn’t stop there. He has a unique story for you, incredible things He wants to invite you into, to do alongside of Him, using your gifts, skills and abilities.

We desire that all people, those on the demand-side and those forced into the supply-side of this injustice, will one day discover this truth and their lives be changed forever.

Become a part of this great story, His masterpiece.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Eph 2:10


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